Are you tired of searching the internet every day for jobs? Or Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall in your job search and you’re just not feeling it anymore – with no calls from companies yet, no replies from recruiters, no nothing? If you're serious about landing a job online, you’ll need to apply for at least 20 vacancies research though.

This is the tedious work you don’t want to do. That’s why I’ve decided to create a Toolkit that works for you while you focus on preps and attending job interviews.

If you’re serious about landing that dream job within 45 days or less, then this is a system that’ll work for you. This system takes away completely two hustles from your shoulders.

You know that in the modern job hunting space, one CV cannot fit all. For every job vacancy, you need a new CV or at least a tweak to go with it. This can be quite daunting and stressful. But that’s not all. Nowadays, most big organizations use a robot to sort the CVs they’ve received from hundreds to thousands of applicants. This means that many CVs, including yours, may not make it through the ATS- that monster!

That means you’ll need a stellar CV- one that is ATS-friendly and crafted to make you stand out from your competition.

To achieve your dream of landing that big job in Nigeria today, you need to constantly apply for those job vacancies. Imagine that you have to apply to at least 20 job vacancies in Nigeria each week to stand the chance to land a job interview. That requires a lot of effort and time…and the bad news is that in most cases you won’t even get a reply from your application.

Why you won't be shortlisted for a job interview!

You might wonder why you don’t get to hear from a prospective employer after submitting your application.

The ATS is a big factor when it comes to hiring in big organizations where the big money is. If your CV isn’t optimized with the right keywords, design, and other metrics to impact the ATS, your job applications are never actually seen by a real person.

Two problems solved with one system

Hi, my name is Terence, but most folks in the HR circle call me Kippa Expert or CVBOX.

I have helped more than 300 people all over the world in the past 3 years with their CVs/Resumes to land their biggest job interviews and eventually got hired—sometimes! I have worked as an HR Manager in the past and have first-hand experience of what a hiring manager is looking for.

I’ll take over your job hunt from you and manage your job applications for 45 days. What that means is that, I’ll look for the job vacancies in Nigeria or elsewhere – as the case may be – match your qualifications and tailor your CV/Resume to focus on what the hiring manager is looking for…and I’ll do this for you every time there’s a vacancy matching your qualifications.

The Two problems I’ve solved.

The first major problem is solved…

An optimized CV/Resume that beats the ATS so your CV gets to be seen and read by a human. Luckily, getting past the ATS is a lot easier than you might think. I’ll create an ATS-friendly resume that’ll sail right through—and impress the hiring manager, too. With me around, you’ll never have to struggle ever again to impress that monster called ATS and wow the hiring manager with your pitch document. A CV is your first (and often only) opportunity to provide a positive first impression. With recruiters assessing around 250 people for each job vacancy, a high-impact professional CV with powerful and relevant content will give you a much-needed advantage in the competitive marketplace.

…and the second problem is also solved…

You’ll no longer have to worry about scouting the internet for suitable jobs. I’ll actively take over the hustle from your neck. Just imagine how many sleepless nights you may have spent trying to find that dream job. Also, imagine the struggle to have your CV tweaked every time there is a new job application. And finally, imagine that all these loads have been lifted off your shoulders!

…feels awesome! isn’t it?

Maybe, I’m sounding too exaggerated. Don’t take my words for it. Listen to what others have to say:

Terence, thank you. You really amazed me by turning my “skeleton CV” into an amazing pitch document. I will recommend you to my friends.
Okocha Ifeanyi
Thank you, Kippa Expert. Within the 45 days, I was able attend 8 interviews. I like that he communicates and offers pieces of advice and recommendations. I recommend him to you!”—
Joy T
Job Seeker

Now check out these few, recent emails:

What’s included in this Toolkit:

  • ATS-friendly resume/CV
  • Focused cover letters
  • Unlimited Revisions for 45 days
  • Job search and application management
  • Advice and recommendations
  • 24/7 support


Now the decision is yours

Okay, now you know what my offer is. You know what’s included and why this is such an essential resource for anyone who wants to build an irresistible CV/Resume –both by ATS and humans.

…and for a very limited time, you can even grab it for the cost of two Pizza boxes at any Domino shop! 

At this point you can do one of two things:

1.) You can try to do it all alone and figure it out for yourself without any help. Perhaps, you’re already used to it.

2.) Or, you can grab your copy of The CVBOX Toolkit and let me do all the hustle for you, while you sit back and prepare for job interviews.

The choice is up to you, but keep this in mind… 

…you can do it by yourself. You don’t absolutely need this product to build a successful job hunting escapade!

But I guarantee you this toolkit will help you find success much, MUCH faster.

As Albert Einstein famously said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Thank you so much for taking the time to take a look at this extremely limited offer that has the potential to help you land that important job interview!

I’ll see you on the inside!