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I will write and edit Your CV/Resume


In modern hiring space, your CV is a personal sales tool and your first opportunity to provide a positive first impression. With over 200 to 300 people chasing each job vacancy in Nigeria, a high-impact CV with powerful and relevant content will give you a much-needed advantage over the competition.

What you get in this package:

  • An ATS optimized resume, with unique design, tailored to secure your dream job.
  • 3 resume revisions
  • Delivered in Pdf and Doc(x) formats.

All documents are ATS optimized, ready to smash the software recruiters use.


Let me help you present yourself like the best employee you are, whether you are looking for your first job, a promotion or even a complete career/industry change!

Work with the best resume writer and get your dream job!

 Abuja, Nigeria
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